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your intelligent, virtual, business advisor for Data Analytics & Business Intelligence. Ask CongitX to get actionable data insights, for smarter & faster, data-driven, business-decisions...

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Data-driven culture

Empower every employee in your organisation to make faster & smarter data-driven decisions, in seconds, without the need to ask a Data Scientist, or have technical skills.

Easier & faster Data Insights

Use Natural Language to ask and get easy-to-understand insights, that could have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Tailored & contextualized experience.

CognitX learns your business context and goals, and provides a personalized experience based on your role and needs.


Mobile-friendly & Anticipatory experience

CognitX anticipates your needs when you struggle to identify what is most important, and whether you are in your office, or on-the-go, you can have an easy, independent and real-time access to your data.

All-in-one solution

Connect and integrate all your data sources to CognitX and start asking to make your next, data-driven business decisions.

Faster response to unwanted changes

CognitX monitors data and notifies about important changes, enabling faster response to unwanted changes.

How does it work?


  • 1. Connect
    Connect & integrate all your data sources to CognitX , at the click of a button, no technical skills needed: Database, Cloud Warehouse, Digital Marketing Channels, Business Apps, Spreadsheets.
    Data Sources
  • 2. Give
    Provide some information about your business context, role, needs and goals, by creating a topic.Topics are your subjects of interest that help CognitX create a personalized experience.
    Some Context
  • 3. Start talking to
    through CognitX, the same way you would talk to a colleague: using plain, Natural Language. Get personalized Data Insights, on-the-go, without the need to ask a Data Scientist, or to have technical, or data literacy skills. Don't know what to ask? No problem, CognitX anticipates your needs by suggesting your next question.
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Use Cases



Ask CognitX and uncover Sales data insights to understand factors that impact sales.

  • Identify under-performing and strong products, to cut costs and improve your product-offering.
  • Understand the specific needs of each customer segment, to provide highly-personalized value propositions.
  • Identify patterns and behaviors that increase sales performance.
  • Analyse and predict customers buying behavior, and spot slipping customers.


  • Get relevant insights and discover hidden patterns to improve your marketing ROI.
  • Identify which marketing channel and campaigns provide the best result.
  • Understand customer behavior and patterns, and target the right customer segment.
  • Forecast customer behaviors, and anticipate their needs.
  • Get actionable suggestions on what to improve in your next campaign.



  • Discover how you can drive better financial outcomes...
  • Track and improve your fnancial health, understand your cash flow.


  • Get the right information to make the hiring process more performing and efficient.
  • Discover why employees quit, and identify the employees that are most likely to leave.
  • Understand wether the learning and development initiatives are having an impact on employee performance.


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