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AI advisor for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Talk to your data!

Give enterprise data a voice

Revolutionize Data Analytics...

Get data insights

in plain Natural Language

1.Connect Data Sources

Connect & integrate all your data sources to CognitX , at the click of a button, no technical skills needed: Database, Cloud Warehouse, Digital Marketing Channels, Business Apps, Spreadsheets.

2.Create Topics

Provide some information about your business context, role, needs and goals, by creating a topic. Topics are your subjects of interest that help CognitX create a personalized experience.

3.Get insights in Natural Language

Start talking to CognitX, the same way you would talk to a colleague: using plain, Natural Language. Get personalized Data Insights, on-the-go, without the need to ask a Data Scientist, or without the need to have technical, or data literacy skills. Don't know what to ask? No problem, CognitX anticipates your needs.


We believe in the power of collaboration.